How the mighty are falling

by Andrea Elizabeth

Just when I thought I’d learned to guard my heart against the emotional roller coaster and mean-spiritedness of competitive sports, I let myself get sucked into rooting again for the Rangers. They are one of only three teams, all with a name affiliated with Washington (state and DC), who have never made it to the World Series. Incidentally, before their move to Arlington in ’72, they were the Washington Senators. Until they beat Tampa Bay this year, they’ve never even won a division series. I remember listening with suspense to their first division championship in ’96, until the Yankees snatched it away. All three of their post-season losses have since been to the Yankees.

So why have the tables turned this year? Now that I’m back to being interested, I’ve learned about Cliff Lee’s phenomenal pitching (acquired last July) and Josh Hamilton’s catastrophic batting (on board since ’07). Plus Nolan Ryan gave them a big boost by buying the Rangers out of bankruptcy this past August. If games are 90% psychological, I suppose this combination has given them the confidence to rise above.

I can’t believe I’m letting myself care. So instead of becoming too mature and loving to want the opposition to feel bad, I now want those blank Yankees crushed and pulverized. They’ve oppressed us too long with their smug superiority, their black hat, bad guy sneers, their generalized industrial, oppress the environment and the workers but don’t call it slavery high and mightiness. Remember Gettysburg and Vicksburg, heck, remember the Alamo! Go Rangers! We could finally be on our way to the World Series with one more win this afternoon!!!!!