Here it is

by Andrea Elizabeth

Not feeling very wordy lately, but I want to be a regular blogger. I don’t have anything insightful or insiderly to share really. I thought about doing a post on the PBS documentary rerun I saw Saturday on The Last Conquistador statue controversy in El Paso. But even though I side with the mistreated Natives, the argument seems kind of tired. Let the white bread people of pro-Spanish and ignored Native descent choose their own heroes. Let the minority native clingers keep protesting and preserving their heritage amidst much opposition.

I also thought of blogging on the new statistics George told me he heard on the radio about sex among teenagers. But I can’t find the source or the statistics and why should you trust my third-hand information? I’ll just say that he said that they said only 1/3 of teens make it to graduation from highschool as virgins in practice. But how many of them have witnessed and thus somewhat vicariously participated in sex second hand? There is a larger question about why don’t we get struck by lightning when we don’t follow the rules that is probably worth exploring.

Falwell and co. used to imply that STD’s and bombings were punishing lightning bolts, but what about when we figure out how to avoid those? Satan told Eve, you’re not going to die, go ahead. And she didn’t die – not for a long time. And what about those “soul-destroying heresies”? The heretics seem to be doing pretty well, and it seems nicer to appreciate their good sides nowadays. Post-mortem punishment? Orthodox don’t believe in the wrath of God, but we do believe folks wont enjoy heaven if they reject God, which includes by sinning. C.S. Lewis in The Great Divorce makes Napoleon and those other guys who opt out of heaven to seem like they’re not suffering all that badly either. They don’t seem to realize what they’re missing in the great beyond.

People don’t even seem to have guilty consciences anymore. Sometimes it takes something to activate one’s conscience if someone, like David after Bathsheeba, was in denial. He really wanted to walk right with God though. I don’t know if teenagers care that much about that. I tend to think that’s because of parental neglect. Today’s parents were either ’60’s rule breakers or where raised by them. I’ve sort of criticized the motivation by fear technique of ’50’s society. That isn’t the answer either. I guess motivation by the lives of the Saints is better. Saints like St. Mary of Egypt fought against their passions and had the rewards illuminated to people. I find motivation by illumination compelling.