There’s hope

by Andrea Elizabeth

It is very good to know that there is a physical cause for feeling “tired, fatigued, weak, dizzy, irritable, short of breath or depressed.” And not only that, “Some people with anemia also have a desire to eat ice or other peculiar things […] or have trouble concentrating or performing mental tasks.” (source) For the past several months I have been addicted to ice like nothing else. Especially after crushed ice has been sitting for half an hour in order to soften it up. Weird. The doctor just told me that my hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying part of red blood cells, is 9, and the low normal limit for women is 12. It’s not all just because of my (or anyone else’s) flawed character!

I am scheduled to have an outpatient procedure in a couple of weeks to get rid of the cause, so hopefully I’ll be less of a drag when my count gets built back up.