Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys

by Andrea Elizabeth

In the 70’s I was a big Texas Rangers fan. During this decade they had a rivalry with the Oakland A’s who always managed to just beat them to the playoffs. My favorite player was Toby Harrah, mostly because of the name, Toby. I also liked the word, duty. The first time I heard “duty” was in a sermon when I was four and I thought it was the funniest word I’d ever heard. As a child my mother used to crack up whenever she heard the word, stink. My brother’s favorite Rangers player during the ’70’s was Jeffrey Allen Burroughs, again because of the name, Jeffrey Allen, which he shares. One time he wrote a letter to Dick Risenhoover, of blessed memory, (remember, “Goooood-byyyye baseball!” on the radio accompanying home runs?) telling of the sameness of their names and Mr. Risenhoover read it on the air.

In the ’70’s and ’80’s I was also very into the Dallas Cowboys. Our family was very proud of Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, Tom Landry, and Tex Shramm, all accompanied by Brad Sham on the radio. Until Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson rudely came on the seen and fired gentleman Tom. The end. Almost. Troy Aichman and Emmitt Smith were watchable. And it’s always nice to have your area represented at the Super Bowl. Things have only declined since those two left. I don’t really know the names of the Cowboys or Rangers players anymore. George is from Pennsylvania, so he and the boys have been rooting for the Steelers (the old Cowboy arch-nemesis, if I cared anymore), Roethlisberger, and of course Polamalu. I’ve sort of watched them out of the corner of my eye, but was surprised at my resentment when after their record-breaking and fun Superbowl win last year, someone said that they were going to replace the Cowboys as “America’s Team”. Wait a minute. I still have some loyalty. And now…

The Cowboys won their first playoff game in 13 years Saturday night. I erased the exclamation point as it is a little more than I feel. I do however hope they make it to the Superbowl.