Church Slavonic Prayers

by Andrea Elizabeth

The only exposure I’ve had to Church Slavonic prayers is through the Valaam Brotherhood CDs, except for the Divine Liturgy we attended at the Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco. Lately I have been wanting to be more familiar with this lovely sounding language, hopefully to the point of being able to repeat some of it besides Gospodi Pomilui and Christos Voskresi, Voistino Voskresi. The Valaam monks chant pretty quickly, and I don’t want to learn the wrong pronunciation as toddlers do, so I sought help online. Church Slavonic E-Tutor has audio files where the words of the prayers are pronounced slowly, facilitating more exact repetition. The prayers are also written in Slavonic, which looks almost as pretty as it sounds.

(The above link to the Cathedral has an interesting account of a miraculous ringing of the Cathedral bells.)