The land with no mirrors

by Andrea Elizabeth

Once upon a time an evil witch shattered all the mirrors in the kingdom. People had no where to check to see if they had dirty faces, had removed all the unwanted hairs, or if their head hair was in place and at a flattering length. Some became paranoid, and some became free.

The free ones did whatever pleasurable thing came into their minds. Some chose durable clothes that they did not have to change unless they became aware of some stinkiness, some wore no clothes at all, and some would procure (by honorable or dishonorable means, whatever was in their heart) clothes that they felt looked good on others. None of these worried about shocking or making others uncomfortable.

The paranoid ones were constantly asking others to tell them if anything was wrong with them. Soon they learned who the ones were who would confirm to them the bad, and the ones who would assure them of the good. But they were never sure who was telling them the truth, so they constantly went from person to person to see if they could find a consensus. But they were never sure.

Some of these paranoid ones came to the conclusion that they could not trust anyone, either because of a perceived lack of perception on the part of the others, or because they thought they would not give them a straight answer. This put a somewhat antagonistic view of others in their demeanor. Everyone was either dumb or a liar. Some of these retreated into themselves in self pity, some became very aggressive, and some of them decided that they themselves had a lack of perception and gave up. These became gentle, quiet souls who while not free in the bold sense, as the first people were, became free by seeing that dirt is something to companionably share with the ground.