The Consecration of Bishop Jonah

by Andrea Elizabeth

Yesterday was filled with grace, despite the fact that my back was quite aware that the ordinations of a Reader, a Subdeacon Monk, a Priest, and the consecration of a Bishop took three and a half hours. Healing love was released through the service of which I was most aware when its special touch embraced me personally. From sweet, uninhibited friends, by being blessed by the ecstatic, newly consecrated Bishop Jonah who said during the homily, “those who don’t believe that ordination is a Sacrament have never received it. Of course it’s still fresh on me.” And most blessed love, from a priest I do not know, who served me Communion with a face and voice that seemed to say, “What sins? Welcome.” Blessed be the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world.

Bishop Jonah’s emphasis seems to be on filling that which is lacking, as Father Stephen also brought out today. I am sure that like varnish, many coats need to be applied by repeating the Sacraments throughout one’s life to make up for the damage of past and present sins and temptations. What a blessing that God has provided these healing measures.

It was also a special opportunity to be in the presence of Archbishop Dmitri of Dallas and the South, Locum Tenens of the Metropolitan See, Bishop Tikhon of Philadephia and Eastern Pennsylvania, Bishop Benjamin of San Francisco and the West, and Bishop Alejo of Mexico City and the Exarchate of Mexico, as well as Father John Behr, the Dean of St. Vladimir’s Seminary, also pictured above. I spent most of the time after the service reconnecting with friends and George’s sponsor from far distances, so I didn’t mingle that much or meet Mimi’s priest, unfortunately. I don’t see him in this picture of the clergy, but George said he thinks he saw him during the service.

Sorry for the blurriness. Hopefully better pictures will circulate on the net soon.