A Prayer for Babies Who Have Died

by Andrea Elizabeth

This is the most common google search that leads people to this blog. I mention in my ‘about’ and a few other posts, that we have a still-born baby. I have also had a miscarraige, and that grief was less direct, but still profound. Actually holding Isaac in my arms and then laying him to rest a few days later in a cemetery made him seem more like a real person, he was 7 months gestation, than the early-on miscarraige I had. There is some doubt as to whether that was a forming baby or a bunch of cells gone awry.

I believe that when a child departs, part of the parents, maybe even the siblings or other loving members of the family, goes along with them. There is a real attachment that the umbilical cord’s severance does not represent. I also believe that Isaac wanted me to see where he is, and that he influenced our finding the Orthodox Church four years later.

Recently I ordered a booklet called “Akathist to Jesus Christ For a Loved One who has Fallen Asleep” printed by St. Paisius Serbian Orthodox Monastery, and will share a prayer from it for those who are looking for it,

“Chosen Intercessor and High Priest, Who hast laid down Thy soul for the salvation of the sinful world and hast given us authority to be children of God, and to dwell in the never-ending day of Thy Kingdom, grant forgiveness and eternal joy to Thy servant who has fallen asleep, for whom we cry to Thee in supplication: Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant Isaac the sweetness of Paradise.

Oh holy Guardian Angel given by the Lord: Come pray for thy servant, whom thou didst accompany, preserve and direct on all the paths of life.

Since Thou didst suffer for all the world, since Thou didst pour forth tears and the sweat of blood for the living and the dead – who, then, could restarin us from prayer for the departed one! Imitating Thee, Who didst descend even unto hades, we pray for the salvation of Thy servant:

Jesus, Giver of Life, illumine him with Thy light.

Jesus, may he be only with Thee and the Father.

Jesus, Who callest all to Thy vineyard, forget not to illumine him by Thy light.

Jesus, generous Bestower of eternal rewards, show him to be a son of Thy bridal chamber.

Jesus, return to his soul the grace-filled powers of the first-created purity.

Jesus, may good deeds be multiplied in his name.

Jesus, warm those left behind with Thy mystical consolation.

Jesus, All-merciful Judge, vouchsafe Thy servant Isaac the sweetness of Paradise.